3rd June 1982 - 29th May 2012

Joe Hutchinson

aka Joe Skandal aka 5K4ND4L aka JOE JOE... "If it ain't broken, break it!"

    Joe Hutchinson

    3rd June 1982 - 29th May 2012

    Joe Hutchinson was born on Thursday 3rd of June, 1982 in Fatfield. He attended Fatfield Primary School, High Usworth Juniors and Washington Comprehensive. He made many friends, but absolutely hated the education system, so was pleased and relieved when his school days came to an end! During his teenage years, Joe was an active member of St. Georges Church Youth Group and was a confirmed Christian. He enjoyed many youth camps as a member, and then as a leader.

    Joe loved the social side of life, he was a bit of a rebel and was a tad controversial to say the least. Joe had a passion for active sport, he loved skateboarding, blading, and "almost basejumping" (really just hanging off things, running up walls and balancing on small surfaces)! Joe enjoyed BMXing, mountain biking and kite flying. Joe's work life was never boring - he tried his hand at many things and when he got bored he moved onto something else, which could be radically different. Whatever he did, he always seemed to make new friends.

    Joe loved people, and people from all walks of life loved Joe. He could hold a conversation with anyone, regardless of age or circumstances; he was a definite people person. Above all, Joe had a passionate love of music, which he liked to share with others. He attended DJ courses in Newcastle, and from then, there was nothing that could hold him back. Washington Arts Centre in Fatfield was one of his favourite places where he would listen to, sing and record some of his music, usually with a pint in his hand bought by one of his pals at the bar. Joe DJ'd at various club nights in Newcastle and beyond.

    Joe was a family lad who put a great emphasis on family life and loved being with all his relations. He had a fantastic sense of humour and loved playing tricks on others. Joe was a loving son and brother who wore his heart on his sleeve and wasn't afraid to show his emotions. Joe was a great friend who couldn't care what others thought of him, but thought more of how he cared for them.

    Joe passed away peacefully at his own home, whilst resting between afternoon and evening work shifts on Tuesday 29th May, 2012. Joe was to all who knew him a very special person. Joe's motto was Carpe Diem - Seize The Day - and boy, did he seize every 10,954 of them!


Who you are, our Joe
by Sam Hutchinson

You are the son of our Dad,
Who admired you for all you are.
You were the son of our Dad, you nearly drove mad.

Your are the son of our Mam,
Who loved you without reserve.
You are her distance to heaven measured in kisses.

You are the epitome of pride,
Who will always be by their side.

You are the brother to me.
I always had. You are the distance from me
And our history measured in sound

You are the brother to Emily,
Who she measured in no fears,
You are her eternal sunshine without cloud

You are the brother to Katey,
Who measures you in tears.
You will be her legend to tell out aloud

You were the grandson to four,
And never a bore.
You elevated their spirits which was never a chore

You are the nephew,
Whose jokes never failed

You are the uncle to three,
Who used you as their climbing tree.
You are their idol, their star in the sky.
You are the life to become.

You are the friend who did everything,
And wanted nothing in return.

You were everyone's bro, and nobody's Foe.

You were my baby brother, our Joe Joe.


Joe's family are currently collating the many hundreds of tributes that we have received and they will appear here. If you would like to send your own personal tribute please email memories@5k4nd4l.com


Joe Hutchinson's Memorial Bash

FRIDAY 21st JUNE 2013 » 7pm -11pm
Arts Centre Washington, Biddick Lane, Fatfield,
Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE38 8AB

A memorial night of live music has been arranged by Joe's friends with many of them performing in tribute to him. Live acts include The Troubadours, The Chaps, The Face, Druganaut & Cylinder HeEed. This will be a great opportunity to meet and remember Joe, share stories and have a good time in his memory.

Memories of Joe

Thank You

Thank You

The Hutchinson family would like to thank you for your support since we lost our Son and Brother, Joe. We would like to thank each and every single person for the warmth and compassion that we have received in this extremely tough time. From the hundreds of cards and flowers of condolence through to every single message of love we have all received individually, it has given us strength and made our hearts strong.

David, Lucille, Sam, Emily & Katey xxx